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Lipo-Mino Fat Loss Injections in Morganville, NJ

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, losing stubborn fat in certain areas of the body feels like a neverending battle. At Champagne Smiles MediSpa in Morganville, NJ, we offer Lipo-Mino fat loss injections that help promote fat loss when combined with proper diet and exercise. Fat loss injections could be the answer when you feel like you’ve done everything you can on your own and need that extra push. In addition to breaking down fat, they increase energy, build muscle, and promote a healthy immune system.

lady holding skin on stomach

Breaking Down Fat During Metabolism

Lipo-Mino injections work because they are packed with lipotropic compounds that accelerate the breakdown of fat during metabolism. Here is a list of the compounds and how they help:

  • Methionine – Breaks down sugars and carbohydrates and converts them to energy.
  • Inositol – Converts food to energy.
  • Choline – Builds healthy nerve cells, cuts muscle recovery time, and helps convert fat into energy.
  • Carnitine – Improves fat metabolism and energy, reduces recovery times, and promotes muscle-building potential.
  • Hydroxocobalamin (B12) – Provides energy and builds healthy nerve cells.
lady measuring thigh

Vitamins to Facilitate Fat Loss

Lipotoprics are an integral part of Lipo-Mino injection’s success, but they’re also packed with a mixture of B vitamins that further help facilitate the process by increasing energy, reducing appetite, building muscle, and promoting a healthy immune system. They include:

  • Pyridoxine (B6) – Promotes red blood cell production and converts food to energy.
  • Thiamine (B1) – Improves the immune system and helps convert fat and carbohydrates into energy.
  • Riboflavin (B2) – Increases metabolism and supports the immune system.

Healthy Weight Loss Options That Deliver Results

Getting rid of those last few pounds can be a frustrating process, no matter how hard you try. If you’re keeping up with a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise, Lipo-Mino injections might be just what you need to boost your weight loss efforts. The injections are administered similarly to a vaccine in the upper arm or buttocks. Treatments only take a few minutes in our office and are administered once a week for about six to eight weeks for complete treatment. An increase in energy is felt immediately, and fat loss is noticeable in about 30 days. Ready to learn if Lipo-Mino injections are right for you? Contact us to learn more.

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